Click & Cut - Set of Arch Templates Number 3 - CO059000

With this set of arch templates, you can cut a series of thin and delicate arches, doors, and door openings. You can cut them in shapes of 1 or 2 inches (2.5cm or 5 cm) thick and then cut them to the desired thickness. By cutting various interlocking arches and playing with the thickness of each arch or door, you will achieve a pleasant depth in your projects. The arches have a height ranging from 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inches).

These shapes can be combined with pillars and other shapes that can also be found in the online store.

The Click & Cut series is designed so that you can assemble your desired template, use it, and then disassemble it again. The reason for this design is to limit storage space and also prevent the templates from breaking when stored assembled

32.75 €