Dungeon Floor Slabs - CY028

The dungeon floor slab series helps you quickly create floor plans for your dungeons, castles, houses, etc. The grid on the slabs is 1" by 1" (2.5 x 2.5 cm). Combine these cylinders with other floor slab structures and wall cylinders to create your unique dungeon design.

Details of Dungeon Floor Slabs – Broken:

Brick size: Variable, cylinder height: 127 mm, diameter: 32 mm

These cylinders are designed to texture rigid XPS foam. The cylinders are made of hard, impact-resistant plastic. The structure on each cylinder is deep, and the lines are sharp to achieve a perfect result even with less pressure.

To get a good impression, use a round stick (item C000). By rolling the cylinder using the stick, you apply pressure only where needed; the area where the cylinder touches the foam.

Using two discs on each side of the cylinder helps you align the cylinder as you roll it over the foam.

25.00 €